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SwedenBIO’s Disclosure Recommendations for Development Stage Companies

SwedenBIO has developed recommendations for what information life science companies in development phase should provide for investors.

The goal of this document is to promote that investors are supplied with relevant information, deemed to be of material importance for assessing valuation and the prospects of long term value creation in development stage companies in the field of Life Sciences (e.g. drug development companies in pre-clinical or clinical development stage as well as medical device, technology platform and diagnostics companies in pre-commercial stage) and, through this, contribute to a well-functioning capital market. It is further the ambition of SwedenBIO that addressing this document shall become “good market practice” on the Swedish capital markets in relation to (a) initial public offerings and (b) other financings. In addition, the companies concerned by this document are also encouraged to address the information requests outlined in this document in annual reports.

Download the recommendations here: