vc2vc is a SwedenBIO partnering event between VCs with in the Life Science sector. The program includes organized partnering, a few presentations of distinguished speakers, dinner and ample time for networking. The meeting will provide you with a smooth way into investing in Life Science companies in Sweden. The event is by invitation only.

The first event was held at Nasdaq in Stockholm March 8-9, 2017. The next event is being planned to the beginning of 2018, also in Stockholm. With a few modifications, the format will follow the success of first vc2vc. During the spring 2018 we are also planning for a trip toBoston. The idea will be that the Nordic investors will meet investors from greater Boston and from the area around Toronto and Montreal. The details of these events will appear shortly.


Previous events

Vc2vc connects Nordic VC with foreign VC in the area of Life Science. In this meeting there are no biotech companies present, only VCs. The meeting includes partnering opportunities and a few presentations. It’ held in Stockholm, from lunch to lunch on March 8-9, 2017. The goal is to get Nordic VC to syndicate with foreign investors and thereby exposing the Nordic Life sector to foreign capital. We expect that syndication with Nordic VCs is a good way to get to know the Life Science sector in the Nordic countries, with the result of lowering the threshold for investments in the region.

During vc2vc 2017, 16 VC companies from the Nordic countries were present, representing some 350 companies.


vc2vc 2017

Dates: March 8-9, 2017. Lunch to lunch
Venue: Meetings at Nasdaq, Stockholm

For more information please contact:
Björn Ursing, Program Director
phone: +46 708 111268

Visit the website to learn more.