Building B2B-collaborations between the life science industries of Portugal and Sweden

The life science industries of Sweden and Portugal are highly complementary – thus providing a strong incentive to expand and deepen the points of contact.

This was clear when the Portuguese Minister of Economy, Prof. Manuel Caldeira Cabral, and his delegation met with SwedenBIO, the Swedish life science industry organization.

On the academic side, research collaborations between the two nations are already strong and increasing. This could be translated into more business to business collaborations as well.

– We believe the Portuguese and Swedish life science industries are complementary in such a way that they could benefit from each other’s growth, says Prof. Cabral. Globally speaking, Europe is still a region. Growing together makes us more visible on the international life science scene. Portugal provides an entry point to South American markets as well as a strong pool of talent.

From SwedenBIO´s side, the purpose of the Portuguese delegation fits well into the organization’s mission.

– We are continuously working to connect the Swedish ecosystem of life science internationally, with potential clients, partners, investors and research collaborations, says Dr. Jonas Ekstrand, Director General of SwedenBIO. We are happy to look into further collaboration possibilities, starting with raising awareness on business opportunities and building on existing networking platforms. Such as the Web Summit in Portugal and the Nordic Life Science Days.

About NLSDays

Nordic Life Science Days is the largest Nordic partnering conference dedicated to the life science industry. Since its inception in 2013, the event has nurtured a community of people from the world of life science, and created a unique place to do business.

About Web Summit

In seven short years, Web Summit has grown from 400 attendees to over 70,000 attendees from more than 170 countries. No technology conference has ever grown so large so fast. Web Summit has become “Europe’s largest and most important technology marketplace”. Since 2016, the event is held in Lisbon. The HealthConf takes place during Web Summit and it considered the world’s leading healthtech conference where industry giants, disruptive startups, investors and innovators meet to redefine fitness, health and healthcare.

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