Vironova AB and AstraZeneca are partners in FoRmulaEx, a new Industrial Research Centre receiving 75Million SEK from SSF to work on key development bottlenecks for powerful new medicines

Vironova AB, AstraZeneca, Camurus AB and key research groups headed up by Chalmers University of technology, team up in the FoRmulaEx centre, a new multi-disciplinary Industrial Research Centre that has recently received funding of 75M SEK from the Swedish foundation for Strategic Research (SSF).

Complex, oligonucleotide drugs are the focus. Drugs like these, based on biological structures, are often superior to conventional small-molecule drugs and hold great future promise but it is a major challenge to get them to their targets inside cells. Drug delivery is a key bottleneck in their development.

The centre will develop methods for efficient and robust delivery of complex, oligonucleotide drugs. This requires the kind of advanced analytical methods with objective and reliable information tailored to pharmaceutical development that Vironova specializes in.

Vironova has a 10-year track record in providing expertise in electron microscopy and image analysis in a unique offering of hardware, software and services for nano-particle characterization tailored to the highly-regulated world of drug development. The solution includes compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) that the pharmaceutical industry requires for the use of analytical methods in the whole process from research to batch release.

Vironova is the only actor to provide this comprehensive solution in an offering tailored to pharmaceutical regulatory systems.

“Vironova AB is truly privileged to be part of this powerful industrial research collaboration. Our participation is an endorsement of our unique, leading position in pharmaceutical electron microscopy and we are particularly excited to again be at the cutting edge of solving technology challenges in future healthcare.”

Mohammed Homman, CEO, Vironova AB


Astra Zeneca provides industry expertise and infrastructure as well as expertise on oligonucleotide drugs.

Vironova AB will contribute by developing standardized methods for structural analysis of the drug delivery system developed within the centre.

Camurus AB is expert in lipid based drug delivery systems.

The team includes internationally recognized scientists at Chalmers, Karolinksa Institute and Gothenburg University, with Professor Fredrik Höök of Chalmers acting as coordinator.

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Josefina Nilsson, PhD, Head of Business Unit, EM Services, Vironova AB. +46 76 109 01 91.

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