25 measures to strengthen life sciences in Sweden

The three industry organizations LIF, Swedish Medtech and SwedenBIO have developed a joint action plan for life science. The action plan consists of 25 measures to strengthen Sweden's competitiveness.

Life sciences in Sweden are under pressure. In recent years, there have been several major initiatives to strengthen the sector, many of which are good and will pay off in the longer term. At the same time, we see that there is still a lack of a coherent strategy that includes all key elements. There is therefore a risk that Sweden will not benefit fully from the investments made.

A serious investment in life science requires commitment from several different ministries, authorities and county councils. If Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is serious about wanting to promote a new industrialization of Sweden and that life science is a priority area, he should already now give Minister for Enterprise Mikael Damberg the task of leading the work on a life science strategy. The Life Science Action Plan is a first contribution to such a strategy.
– “We have developed this action plan together with LIF and Swedish Medtech because it is important and entirely feasible to proceed to action now instead of further investigations,” says Ingrid Heath, Vice President and Head of Policy at SwedenBIO.

The action plan contains 25 measures that would increase Sweden’s competitiveness through improved structures and smarter use of existing resources.

The actions are divided into seven areas:

  • Strengthening early research and development
  • Creating growth in businesses
  • Facilitate the participation of healthcare providers in the development of new innovative treatment options.
  • Giving healthcare providers room to use new innovative treatment options
  • Retaining and attracting businesses to Sweden
  • Ensuring the availability of skills
  • Coordinate and promote Swedish life science.

Together, LIF, Swedish Medtech and SwedenBIO represent the entire Swedish life science sector from the smallest entrepreneurs to the large global companies in biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceuticals.

Download the Life Science Action Plan

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