Statutes and documents

SwedenBIO is a non-profit membership organization. The highest decision-making body is the general assembly, which also appoints the organization’s board of directors.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is held before the end of May each year, normally in late March/early April. Notice of the general meeting shall be sent by e-mail to members at least ten days before the meeting and shall be posted on the association’s website.


If a member wishes a matter to be dealt with at the general meeting, the matter must be notified in writing to the secretariat no later than 60 calendar days before the annual meeting. Motions and proposals must then be sent to members at least seven working days before the annual meeting.

Voting rights

There are three types ofmembershipin SwedenBIO: life science companies, service companies and partner organizations. Only life science companies have voting rights at the General Assembly. Service companies and partner organizations have the right to attend the meeting if the meeting grants them the right to attend.


SwedenBIOS statutes, annual meeting 2016

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