B2B provides growth opportunities in life sciences

It's springtime for life sciences in Sweden. This was evident when the Chair of the Committee on Economic Affairs, Jennie Nilsson (s), conducted the "life science entrepreneurs for a day" political rally at Getinge Sterilization in Getinge, Halland on Friday. The great flexibility and adaptability to meet the customer's unique requirements is something that Sweden is really good at.

For Getinge, life science is a future area where there are major advantages to producing in Sweden. Complex products and customers in biomedical research, pharmaceutical production and the production of medical devices mean a B2B logic where Sweden as a production country has many strengths to assert itself. But for businesses to be able to scale up, they need access to skills.

– We are constantly looking for staff,” says Anna Eklöf-Persson, CEO of Getinge Sterilization. The cooperation with the local university in Halmstad is extremely important for us, she continues.

This confirms Jennie Nilsson’s thesis that collaboration between academia and industry is a competitive advantage for Sweden.

– This is something we think we still need to invest in,” Jennie says. We need strong research and skills environments, but this is also the case in many other parts of the world. If we can also be really good at collaboration between academia and industry, we have something extra.

This is very much in line with the phenomenon that SwedenBIO has highlighted as the “return of the factories”.

– We can be a first choice for production in life science, but also for R&D, marketing companies, etc. We need to stretch ourselves and better market it internationally, says Helena Strigård Policy Manager at SwedenBIO.

Skills development was the theme of the day, with Jennie herself donning her lab coat and learning how to operate an autoclave. The aim of the ‘life science entrepreneurs for a day’ initiative is to bring national policy closer to the everyday life of the industry in different parts of the country and to highlight the challenges that policy can help to solve. Jennie meets the Moderate Party’s spokesperson for industrial policy Lars Hjälmered, also a political trainee within the initiative, in a debate at
SwedenBIO Opinion in Malmö on May 16

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