Bubbel & Debatt March 9 in Stockholm

Sweden has several regions where research and development in life sciences is ongoing. What is the level of collaboration between academia, healthcare and business in YOUR region? How do local politicians think? Has the regional centre for clinical trials succeeded in becoming an extension of the whole as intended? Representatives from county councils (politicians), companies, healthcare/academia, KNSK will debate.

Sweden is investing nationally in life sciences. What is being done in the Stockholm region?

On the panel: Fredrik Piehl, Chief Physician Karolinska Institutet, Jakob Hellman, incoming Head of Innovation, Stockholm County Council, Maria Englund, Head of Operations Karolinska Trial Alliance, Bengt Gustavsson, Pharmacist and Doctor of Pathology, Norwegian Medical Director, Celgene. Moderator: Ingrid Helander, Editor-in-Chief of Läkemedelsvärlden.

When? 9 March. The debate starts at 17:00. Bubbles and snacks will be served from 18.00.

Where? Apotekarsocieteten, Wallingatan 26, Stockholm.

The Bubble and Debate tour starts in Stockholm on March 9. The tour then goes to Gothenburg, Lund and Umeå. More info to come.

The event is full. For reservations contact tuulikki.lindmark(a)swedenbio.se