National coordination and action

Conducting study requests in Sweden is complex and fragmented. Our neighboring countries offer free and smooth processes that attract companies to locate their studies there instead.

Sweden needs coordination at national level, with a single point of entry for companies wishing to explore the possibility of conducting clinical trials. Under the Danish ‘Trial nation’ initiative, companies are offered a coordinated feasibility process free of charge with a response within five days. In addition, Phase I authorizations are free of charge. Sweden has the same basic conditions as Denmark, but is focusing on making the country attractive for clinical trials.

Sweden is a small country, which means that the patient base is limited. It is therefore essential that coordination can take place at national level to meet the needs. It would also be desirable for the Nordic countries to act jointly to facilitate patient recruitment, where a common patient base would increase the interest of companies in locating studies here.

If we want Sweden to be a country for clinical trials, we must signal this. We can do this by creating smooth, fast and predictable processes at reasonable prices. Sweden needs a “Trial nation” – an entry point with a coordinated, fast and free process regarding feasibility, investigators, study design, coordination of patient data and authorization.

“Effective “matching” between drug developers and clinics provides the conditions to attract groundbreaking treatment concepts to Sweden already in the development phase. The Danish “Trial nation” model of a coordinated, free and fast matching process is a recipe for success that shows how we can get there. In the fierce international competition for trials, a ‘Trial Scandinavia’ could bring Nordic countries together!”

Thomas Olin, CEO Kancera