SwedenBIO’s proposed measures for more clinical trials in Sweden

Shorten the lead time to start your studies!

The process leading up to the start of studies needs to be streamlined at all stages. This requires the coordination of national and regional actors in a common interface for a user-friendly, transparent and attractive process.

Clear political leadership!

There is a need for political leadership in the health sector that calls for research and testing, with a clear R&D mandate and follow-up on completed activities.

Economic drivers in health care!

Healthcare governance systems need to reward research and collaboration, with remuneration models that allow for clinical trials and incentives for investigators. Earmarking of resources for infrastructure, staff and time for trials needs to be made possible.

Ensure access to research nurses!

Access to research nurses needs to be secured with staffing and competence strategies that ensure availability of staff and offer attractive conditions.

Driving forces for examiners!

Participation in research and trials should be rewarded. Clinical studies should be eligible for scientific merit and activity credits, even if they are industry-sponsored.

Remove unnecessary administrative and regulatory barriers!

Barriers to adequate and ethical sharing of health data between healthcare, academia and business need to be removed and coordination of patient data across regions made possible.

The distribution of study drugs to research clinics is facilitated by removing the requirement for a depot in Sweden.

Increase capacity through smarter use of existing infrastructure and digital solutions!

The capacity for clinical trials needs to be increased through smarter use of existing health care infrastructures, such as. for private study providers outside regular office hours, pooling of expertise and conducting examinations remotely.

Take the initiative for a Nordic “Trial nations”!

Sweden should initiate an initiative whereby the Nordic countries can act jointly to facilitate the recruitment of patients, e.g. in the form of a patient database. regarding narrow patient cohorts.