Working with hospitals is the biggest challenge

Within the healthcare organization, incentives for clinical trials must be increased. Healthcare governance systems need to change to make participation in clinical trials attractive. Interest and conditions to meet study requests need to be created.

Today, there is also significant underutilization of resources and equipment. Flexibility is needed in the approach to making assets available so that CROs and other study providers can access expertise, premises and equipment when not in use.

High quality and relevant skills upgrading is critical for Sweden’s attractiveness. To ensure the development of future research leaders, we propose a recruitment strategy for company-sponsored drug trials.

“Healthcare professionals’ understanding of how a drug gets from idea to market has increased and contributes to the willingness to participate in industry-sponsored drug trials. I think this is good for publicly funded healthcare and I hope the principals can appreciate this. I would like to award a little gold star to the country of Sweden for the smooth running of clinical trials.”

Arvid Söderhäll, CEO Empros Pharma