Consultation response on the taxation of incentive schemes

SwedenBIO believes that well-designed incentive programs are important tools for attracting and retaining key competence, leading to successful companies that catalyze growth in Swedish industry. The investigator's proposal does not fully meet the needs of the life science sector...  

… and should therefore be modified in order to produce the intended effects in an industry that is internationally competitive and characterized by knowledge-intensive growth companies with a strong need to be able to engage top global expertise in both operations and management. The country with a well thought-out proactive strategy, a high level of preparedness for change and which can generally offer competitive conditions is well placed to retain and attract business activity in a sector with very high added value.

Download SwedenBIO’s response here.

SwedenBIO gives its explicit support to the consultation response with extensive and necessary improvement proposals on SOU 2016:23 submitted by The Swedish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, SVCA, formerly the Swedish Venture Capital Association.

Read SVCA’s response here.