Customized recruitment service for dedicated boards and senior advisors

Is your company in need of senior or specialized skills, but not in a position to hire or attract the desired key skills? Check out this great M2M offer from K2 Search!

K2 Search Life Science offers members of SwedenBIO help to complete or compose a new board or advisory board. We identify and attract people with knowledge and experience in board or management positions in your specific field of activity. People who can join your board of directors or advisory board and can also contribute with their developed networks and operational experience. By making it clear in the search process that some operational work will be included, you will gain access to skills and experience that would otherwise be difficult to access on the open candidate market.

The three main areas of expertise that we want to highlight and where we are well placed to contribute senior expertise are:

International business developers with strong industry networks and experience in international distributor and partnership relations, M&A activities, etc.

Scientific and technical specialists/managers in preclinical/clinical development, medical affairs, production, etc.

People management specialists/leaders with knowledge and experience in creating the conditions for a strong corporate brand and a strategy for organizational and skills development in young companies.

We identify candidates through our extensive industry-specific network combined with a proactive search in Sweden and internationally. Our affiliation with the global executive search network CFR Global Executive Search contributes to our ability to attract international candidates for assignments in the Nordic region.

The offer:

K2 Search Life Science offers exclusively to SwedenBIO’s member companies, with a focus on SME and incubator companies a flexible and individually designed recruitment service that aims to:

⚈ Get senior people in Swedish and international life science to become dedicated to the company through the board or advisory board, even if they are only partly connected to the business.

⚈ Temporary full or part-time assignments to solve specific problems or challenges

⚈ Create incentives for engagement in business development and risk sharing for overall delivery.

A recruitment cost profile that is significantly below what would be required for a traditional recruitment of the same scale

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Arne Nordström

Senior Consultant & Practice Leader Life Science

K2 Search AB

+46 70 69 89 200

Interview with Arne Nordström

The Swedish life science industry is currently characterized by a high level of activity, while access to the right skills is one of the major bottlenecks for many companies’ development and expansion opportunities, says Arne.

Two out of three of the drug development companies in SwedenBIO plan to recruit, while every third company experiences difficulties in finding the specific skills they need. There is a shortage of senior leaders with global experience in both scientific and business development.

To succeed in the development work and to create the right commercial conditions, access to senior expertise in a variety of areas is required early in the company’s development journey. To prepare the company successfully, it is therefore important to bring in experienced people early on and build knowledge and networks around the business, while it may be difficult for the young company to be sufficiently attractive or have the financial resources to attract senior managers and talent.

In addition to board and advisory board recruitments, we can also help create shared positions between companies with similar needs or temporary specialist assignments on a full or part-time basis. All with the aim of providing experienced skills in the most flexible way possible and at a manageable cost.

For each individual assignment, K2 Search engages a core team of selected recruitment and research consultants with industry experience, led by Arne Nordström, Senior Consultant and Practice Leader Life Science at K2 Search for 15 years.