Cytiva invests in Sweden

Cytiva's separation technology is used by companies developing COVID-19 drugs and vaccines. There is a huge demand for the products and to cope with increased demand, several hundred people are hired during the year in Sweden alone.

Cytiva is a global group with 8000 employees worldwide. In Uppsala, Cytiva is the largest private employer with 1600 employees. And now they are hiring on a continuous basis and before the end of the year they expect to have recruited about 200 people to the facility in Uppsala.

We have received a huge demand for all our products, especially those related to COVID-19. This places high demands on being able to deliver safely and securely to our customers while maintaining high pressure in production. We also face the challenge of how to accommodate all new employees when we return to our workplace,” says Cecilia Sjöstedt, CEO of Cytiva Sweden.

And it is not only in Uppsala that Cytiva is growing, but also in Umeå. The existing premises are being expanded with production space, an environmental station and a customer center. The new factory is an investment of about 140 MSEK. It is hoped that this will lead to even better flows and improved logistics.

“It is very positive that we are now expanding. It gives us energy and motivation. Everyone can now see that we are starting to expand and this is to cover the increased demand from customers worldwide. Now we will be able to continue to deliver at a high pace and with a good flow from the plant”, says Timo Rouvinen, site manager in Umeå.

Although many businesses are slowly returning to more normality, the ongoing pandemic continues to pose major challenges. Many industries in other countries have been forced to shut down at times due to lockdowns, resulting in global material shortages.

“Sourcing, material teams and logistics teams have to work hard in these times. We work actively with about 400 subcontractors worldwide who also have to deliver”, Timo Rouvinen concludes and looks forward to an exciting, eventful autumn in Umeå.