Free and tailor-made IP workshop from a strategic and commercial perspective

AWA offers SwedenBIO members a free IP workshop worth 8000 SEK. Together with the company's executives, we conduct an IP workshop and current situation analysis aimed at identifying, from a commercial IP perspective, relevant activities that can strengthen the company's competitiveness and expand its business.

IP workshop from a strategic and commercial perspective, 60 minutes

Objective: To identify, from a commercial IP perspective, relevant activities that can strengthen the company’s competitiveness and expand its business.


  • Brief presentation of AWA’s view on commercial IP strategy
  • Current situation analysis: A comprehensive review of the company’s offering, revenue streams, business situation and exploitation strategy. Commercial and internal pain points
  • Recommendations and next steps

It is important that the workshop is conducted with individuals who have overall responsibility for the company and its business. We will ask a number of questions and hold an open discussion to identify key aspects and issues.

Current situation analysis – typical issues:

  • What are the main commercial drivers of your business?
  • What is the company’s current and future differentiation?
  • What revenue streams does the company have today, what do you see in the future?
  • Does the company have a well-developed plan to protect revenue streams?
  • What know-how and technology base does the company have? Is there a common understanding of this in the company (what it is and its value)?
  • How well does it align with the commercial drivers and your business and technology roadmap?
  • What is the level of development of the company’s technology, how is it monitored over time?
  • Who in the company has what know-how? Risks?
  • How could your know-how be used in new offers and business models?

Recommendations and next steps – typical activities:

  • Activities to build value via IP towards competitors, investors, customers, partners, etc.
    • “WHY, WHAT, HOW”
  • Activities to create a concrete link between company know-how and the R&D roadmap, commercial offers and business models.
    • Structured review of the company’s know-how and structure to understand and manage it over time – between all parts of the company.

Book an IP workshop by calling/emailing one of the following people at AWA:

Lina Dahlgren 072 402 64 66

Johanna Bergh 073 428 05 00

Martin Jansson 070 643 52 64