Expert network’s major meeting discussed ways to make policy work more effective

On Tuesday, September 26, the SwedenBIO Expert Network met to sharpen its work.

SwedenBIO’s expert network consists of working groups and task forces for a number of focus issues in life science that SwedenBIO, as an industry organization, drives. The experts in the network all work in companies that are members of SwedenBIO.

For the half-day workshop held in Stockholm on September 26, all representatives of the expert network were invited to challenge and refine SwedenBIO’s focus questions and identify gaps, overlaps and synergies between groups. The aim is to create the conditions for sharper and more reality-based advocacy.

“The collective wisdom of our expert network is impressive, and the energy in the room and our virtual whiteboard was exuberant”, commented Maja Neiman, Science Director at SwedenBIO after the meeting.

“We are so grateful to our committed members and the representatives who attended the meeting. In three hours, we were able to draw both inspiration and difficulties from them, and we go forward strongly equipped for even sharper and more reality-based advocacy,” she said.

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