Few early-stage life science companies featured in international industry media

One of our members, Let 'em know, owned by Ola Björkman, has investigated the extent to which drug development companies are exposed in international trade media. A total of 159 companies, both early stage and clinical stage companies, from 10 countries including Sweden and Denmark were included. About half of the companies had no exposure at all. Among the companies with the least exposure were companies in the preclinical phase, but even among the companies in phases 2 and 3, 25% lacked visibility in selected media.

– “In-licensing teams and decision makers at the major pharma companies see industry media as an important source of information and they pay large subscription fees to access information and in fact they expect to be updated on early stage companies as well,” says Ola Björkman.

– If you as a small Swedish company manage to get in there, you end up on their radar and in their database and people start following the company and in return you reach your target groups. Thus, my advice is not to wait too long to communicate to international trade media as it takes time to build the company’s brand and to become known and established among editors and journalists of leading trade media.

Ola Björkman is now conducting a similar analysis of all 148 Swedish life science companies that develop drugs from the survey published by SwedenBIO earlier this year. This analysis will be completed in Q1, 2021.

See summary report here.