Four questions for Mpya Sci & Tech

Mpya Sci & Tech is one of our exciting new members. Here are four questions about 2021 for CEO Johan Östman.

2020 was a special year for the industry but also for you. You help life science companies to recruit. Help us take stock of the recruitment pressure, what does it look like?

For a couple of months last spring, we felt that a lot of things came to a halt and were put on hold. What we are now seeing is that the life science industry as a whole has been boosted. There is full activity with large investments, mainly related to Covid-19 such as protective equipment, diagnostic kits, vaccine development and production, etc. This leads to a high demand for both consultants and recruitment, so the short answer is that the temperature is very high!

How do you think it will develop in 2021?

We see no signs of a slowdown and predict growth for much of the industry in 2021.

What is happening in 2021, how are you responding to this pressure?

We have had a fantastic development and gone from 6 to over 40 colleagues in 1.5 years and we hope that this development will continue. We are constantly looking for new interesting colleagues. We are strongly value-driven and build the company on curiosity and participation as driving forces, but where sustainability is also a key word. After all, life is so much more than just work.

What are you most looking forward to as new members of the SwedenBIO community?

We look forward to taking part in all the exciting activities and finding new partnerships to make the LS industry in Sweden even more competitive. We also hope to contribute with our knowledge in recruitment, competence supply, development and quality assurance of pharmaceuticals and to continue to inspire through interesting lectures. On 29/1 we have e.g. a digital breakfast lecture with Fredrik Reinfeldt who will talk about world economic and political trends.