Frida Lawenius becomes new CEO of SwedenBIO

SwedenBIO welcomes Frida Lawenius to the position as acting CEO. She steps into the role from her position as the organization's Deputy CEO.

“In Frida, we get an experienced leader who is well versed in both the needs of the life science industry and in the daily operation of SwedenBIO’s office, and who has established and well-functioning relationships with key people within and outside SwedenBIO’s membership.

Our dynamic industry needs a flexible SwedenBIO that can meet existing and new challenges that companies face. With her good knowledge of the needs of the members and the secretariat, the board has full confidence in Frida in the role of acting CEO”, says Lotta Ljungqvist, chairman of the board of SwedenBIO.

When Frida Lawenius joined SwedenBIO in January 2020, she brought over 20 years of experience in policy advocacy and strategic development, not least in the life science field.

“When I came to SwedenBIO, the pandemic hit almost immediately and I had to deal with urgent issues related to funding, deliveries, classification of critical activities and problems in the implementation of clinical trials. It was a plunge into the companies’ reality that I carry with me as a preparation for the future. Conditions are changing rapidly in the life sciences, and as a trade association we need to be quick on our feet,” she says.

Within SwedenBIO, she has, among other things, driven questions about the companies’ conditions for research and development, and production in Sweden. She has worked on the conditions for clinical trials – most recently with the establishment of a dialog forum with the Swedish Medical Products Agency – and competence supply for Sweden’s life science companies. She has also developed a training course in strategic business development together with the Medical Products Academy, building on the expertise and senior experience gathered in the industry.

“Business networking and knowledge sharing are two pillars of SwedenBIO’s activities. It is extremely stimulating when the senior experience in the organization helps create strategic maturity in business-critical issues among more junior members or when new business contacts and collaborations arise in the meeting between different actors.

I look forward to building on these opportunities and developing the membership offer so that we can continue to be relevant in a changing world,” summarizes Frida Lawenius.

SwedenBIO’s previous CEO Helena Strigård leaves the organization on her own initiative after five years, of which three years as CEO. She will remain in the life sciences sector and will take up a new position at the beginning of October. Although Helena steps out of the CEO role at SwedenBIO on 15 September, she will remain in the organization until the end of the month and the Nordic Life Science Days, which she leads together with Olivier Duchamp-Giudicelli.

“During her years as CEO, Helena has given SwedenBIO and our many member companies a stronger voice and helped the office to grow. The board and I thank Helena for her fantastic efforts to drive the industry forward”, says Lotta Ljungqvist.

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