From big pharma to start-up, with the stock market in sight

For Christina Östberg Lloyd, gynecologist and CEO of Pharmiva, the bounce factor is important. In other words, how much energy a project and the individuals around it create. Now that she has taken on the role of CEO of the start-up Pharmiva, after 11 years as Medical and Clinical Research Director at Novo Nordisk, full energy is a prerequisite. Read more about Christina's journey to the stock market in the interview.

Pharmiva focuses on women’s health with a special focus on vaginal health where the first step is an antibiotic-free treatment for bacterial vaginosis. Pharmiva has developed a patented product that will be launched in stages on the national and international market, following a planned IPO in 2021.

What is different in your new role? What is life as a small business owner like?

– This is a start-up, a company in its infancy, with great potential to grow and become an important player in the industry. In my job, this means that every step has a big impact. Testing, production, commercialization, marketing and sales. All based on the strategy we are working on now. Getting it right from the start is crucial to getting the right leverage over the next 5 years. And that requires full attention 24/7.

– At the same time, it is a feeling of being back home. Here I have the opportunity to use my specialist knowledge from gynecology, combined with experience from 20 years in Life Science and my years as chairman of Swelife. For the development of this small company, all knowledge is needed, regionally and nationally, with a focus on the national science strategy and, what I learned about the big pharmaceutical companies, about SMEs and also about the international game plan. My continued work as chairman of Life Science and Health within FIRS (the Research and Innovation Council in Skåne) is also important, not least for continued networking.

You are in the process of listing your company on the stock exchange. What have you learned so far?

– The first three to four weeks have been fully focused on preparing and conducting a pre-IPO investment round. The interest is high. Getting to know the company’s employees and their skills, absorbing all possible knowledge about the conditions and regulations for a company of this type, and understanding how to manage a successful IPO, takes all my time now. In short, learning to maneuver correctly on a new playing field.

On December 9, you are one of the speakers in the session “Follow the money” at the SwedenBIO Summit. What do you hope to have achieved by then?

– Then we have developed a clear and sustainable strategy. The capital raising will be completed and we are in full swing with the preparations for our upcoming stock exchange listing. We have also launched a planned study and continued to work on securing the production chain. In parallel, work continues to identify relevant communication channels and build on our network.

How much bounce is there in the SwedenBIO community?

– The short answer is high. It is with pleasure that I join forces with SwedenBIO, which is working bravely to promote companies like Pharmiva. There is curiosity and drive, a strong strategic management team and employees who qualify for the concept of a high bounce factor. Energy and curiosity, with just the right amount of impatience, is the recipe.