Government expert group on life sciences appointed

The government has appointed an expert group on life sciences to work with the coordinator, Anders Lönnberg. SwedenBIO is represented in the group by Ingrid Heath.

To provide input to the government

On April 1, the government appointed Anders Lönnberg as national coordinator for life sciences. Anders Lönnberg will contribute to the government’s efforts to strengthen Sweden’s position in life science. Anders Lönnberg is assisted by a group of experts appointed by the government. The expert group will provide knowledge and an overview of developments in the field.

Broad coalition

The group is a broad association with representatives from research, industry and health care, among others.

– SwedenBIO has for a long time argued for the importance of developing a concrete action plan for life science in Sweden. We are pleased that the government clearly shows such an ambition now and we look forward to contributing knowledge and dialog about the industry’s conditions with the help of our broad membership, says Jonas Ekstrand, CEO of SwedenBIO.

SwedenBIO Vice President Ingrid Heath in the group

SwedenBIO is represented in the group by Ingrid Heath, Vice President and Head of Policy.

– We will highlight issues such as venture capital and innovation support, cooperation between academia and industry, and manufacturing issues. Together with the others in the group, it is now about finding the measures that we different actors can contribute with and identifying what politics must prioritize to strengthen Swedish life science competitiveness, says Ingrid Heath.

The expert group consists of:

Göran Ando, Chairman of the Board
Ingrid Bengtsson Rijavec, Director of Health and Social Services
Anders Blanck, Executive Director
Lena Gustavsson, Principal
Anders Hamsten, Principal
Ingrid Heath, Deputy Executive Director
Anders Henriksson, Vice-President
Jan-Olof Jacke, Executive Director
Danica Kragic Jensfelt, Professor
Patric Källman, Strategic Advisor
Anna Lefevre Skjöldebrand, Executive Director
Lars Liljedahl, Head of Administration
Ann-Sofie Lodin, Regional Director
Anna Nilsson Vindefjärd, Secretary General
Sara Riggare, engineer
Heidi Stensmyren, President of the Federation
Steinar Stokke, Executive Director

If you have any questions or comments, please contact

Ingrid Heath,, 0701 74 76 33
Jonas Ekstrand,, 0703 02 08 96