Government’s national life science strategy now available in English

Work is ongoing to implement the government's life science strategy. SwedenBIO is active in the various initiatives and working groups, but also with facts, knowledge and dialog with the government's life science office. The strategy is now presented in English.

Why is it important to communicate the strategy in English?

– International interest in Sweden is very high in the life sciences. Many actors can benefit from disseminating the framework and objectives of the strategy.

Who do you want to reach with the English version?

– We want to strengthen long-term relationships and cooperation. We want to reach everyone who can benefit from showing that Sweden is taking a concerted approach and joining forces for better health and competitiveness.

How can an industry organization like SwedenBIO contribute to achieving these goals?

– Your international networking is large and broad, and when the industry organizations work together for a clear Swedish offer, we can have an even greater impact globally.

Read the strategy here.