Grand finale of the MDR Podcast

The seventh and final episode of the MDR Podcast has now been released, taking a look back at the past season and what we can now say about medical device regulation.

In the final episode of the MDR podcast, Frida and Sofia round up and discuss the journey. What does it look like today? Has MDR settled down yet? How has the podcast served its purpose and what are Sofia’s highlights? Also listen to hear Sebastian the sound engineer being tested on his skills.

Click here to listen in Spotify. The MDR Podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts, and if you want to listen directly in your browser, click here.

The MDR Podcast is season 1 of the SwedenBIO Studio, and is produced in collaboration with Devicia and Kickfile, whose CEO Sofia Nordgren has hosted the podcast. Sebastian Blomstrand, former communicator at SwedenBIO, is a sound producer.