Guidance developed with SKR on voluntary staffing of health services

The health sector has significant staffing needs due to the ongoing pandemic. Many individuals and companies have already volunteered their workforce to the regions. The life science industry has many qualified health care professionals who are able to support the health care system, if needed, to deal with large numbers of people in need of care.

Therefore, SwedenBIO, together with Swedish Medtech, Swedish Labtech and LIF, has developed a joint guide with the Swedish Municipalities and Regions for those organizations that are interested in giving employees the opportunity to move into healthcare.

Companies that are able to spare skills and have employees who are interested in supporting the health service can voluntarily choose to make an agreement with their employees that allows the employee to notify the region of their interest.

The guide sets out the responsibilities and conditions that apply between the company and the region when an employee is working temporarily for the region. It is particularly important to note that if the region hires staff from the company, it is the company’s occupational injury and illness insurance that applies. If the company has no occupational injury insurance (TFA), the employee is also uninsured when working in the health sector. The company also retains a shared health and safety responsibility for the employee. However, if the staff member takes a leave of absence and is temporarily employed by the region, the region’s responsibilities, conditions and insurance are fully applicable.

While the issue of staffing in the healthcare sector is a pressing one, it is important to remember that many companies in the sector are hard-pressed and play other crucial roles. In addition, high supply requirements and initiatives to quickly deliver vaccines or therapies to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak are putting additional pressure. It is essential that production capacity and development work can be sustained across the board to meet various health challenges. The guidance is also not intended to cause mission-critical skills to leave their assignments.

Frida Lawenius
Vice President SwedenBIO


Joint guidance on the use of expertise from the life science industry in regional health services in response to the ongoing pandemic.

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