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The Program for Process Industrial IT and Automation (PiiA) is a strategic innovation program with the goal of ensuring that the process industry in Sweden has the advanced IT and automation solutions required to benefit from digitalization. This is highly relevant to the life science industry.

But how well does the program match the needs of the industry? How should the program be designed to provide good conditions for smaller companies to participate in the projects? SwedenBIO’s working group for process development and manufacturing has developed a questionnaire for the members to get answers to it. A summary of the views will be forwarded to PiiA.

Link to the survey: https: //www.surveymonkey.com/r/PiiA


Sweden’s process industry is considered a world leader, partly due to close cooperation with IT and automation companies that supply equipment and solutions. To maintain and strengthen this position, the industry and its subcontractors need to embrace digitalization enthusiastically, as well as find technologies and working methods that increase efficiency, profitability and sustainability.

This is where Process Industrial IT and Automation (PiiA) comes in. PiiA is part of Sweden’s strategic innovation program and aims to ensure that the process industry has the advanced IT and automation solutions needed to benefit from digitalization more effectively than its competitors on the world market.

PiiA stimulates collaboration between different process industry sectors, suppliers and researchers by coordinating applications for funding for innovation projects, supporting research, analyzing industry needs, bringing researchers together and helping industry players to access the training and skills they need.

PiiA is one of 17 strategic innovation programs funded through a joint initiative by the innovation agency Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and the Swedish Research Council.

Overall objectives for 2022

A key objective is to help industry, its IT and automation suppliers and researchers in the field to better manage ongoing change. Another is to help industry and its suppliers to develop and implement digital solutions better than their global competitors. Success in this area will mean increased digitalization of processes, products, services and offerings across the industry. By 2022, we want more than half of the companies that have participated in our activities to consider that they have managed the changes in digitalization better than their competitors. Another goal is that more than half of the research teams that have participated in PiiA activities will have improved their research, development and innovation (RDI) skills and thus strengthened their international position.

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