Hi Jenni Nordborg!

What is happening with the life sciences strategy right now and what do you see ahead?

– The government has published the article One year of the life science strategy – what has happened? , a summary of the 53 initiatives taken during the first year of the strategy to meet the 30 objectives deemed particularly urgent to achieve. Going forward, we will continue to work on the priority areas and objectives identified in the strategy, and I hope that international cooperation can be stepped up in 2021.

In mid-January, together with STUNS life science, you organized a digital conference on both the strategy and the research and innovation bill. How do you sum up the meeting?

– One of the most important conclusions we can draw from the meeting is the incredibly high and broad commitment to life science issues and the objectives of the national strategy. The regional and national partnership has really helped to translate the objectives of the strategy into regional action plans. For the strategy to be successful in all its aspects, it needs the commitment and efforts of the whole sector.