How to make Sweden a leader in biopharmaceuticals

The Swedish Research Council and Vinnova are jointly investing over SEK 100 million to create three new centers that offer strong research and development environments in the field of biopharmaceuticals.

The goal is for Sweden to become a leading nation in the field and the investment is part of a larger research program of 320 million and is part of the government’s strategic collaboration program in life science.

Within each center, several of our largest pharmaceutical companies will work together with universities, colleges and other actors in health care, research, development and innovation.

Charlotte Brogren, Director General of Vinnova, emphasizes that the initiative will eventually provide the conditions for export success, growth and new jobs.

In a press release, Vinnova announces that the following centers will receive a total of SEK 104 million in funding. At least as much is added in co-financing from the participating partners.

CAMP – Center for Advanced Medical Products, 48 million
To establish itself as an internationally recognized centre with a focus on industrial and SME growth, clinical practice, research and education, advanced production technologies and an excellent innovation and business climate. In the longer term, the center can help attract investment from the global life science industry, including pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical technology and service industries.
25 partners led by Umeå University
Center Director: Pontus Blomberg,

CellNova – center for development and production of next generation biological drugs, €40 million
The center is based on extensive research in areas relevant to the development of biopharmaceuticals. Researchers with extensive experience in clinical development work are also involved, including drug development, health economics and regulatory issues. The work of the research programs and projects will be carried out in close cooperation with the industrial participants.
10 partners led by KTH
Center Director: Sophia Hober,

NextBioForm – Development and formulation center for next generation biopharmaceuticals, 16 million in a first phase
The center will focus on improving the formulation and production of biological medicines. The collaboration aims to bridge the gap between bioprocessing and pharmaceutical manufacturing.
17 partners led by RISE
Center Director: Anna Fureby,