In good company or what happened to the honeymoon?

So after a few weeks at work, I find myself in good company. Despite being quickly thrown into extraordinary circumstances, the ground beneath my feet is just as untrodden for those around me, and not least for our decision-makers. We are all in the same boat, without charts or weather forecasts, and have to react from one day to the next to the storms and squalls that appear.

Frida Lawenius Vice President SwedenBIO

Just when you think you’ve ridden out a storm, another one appears. One concern is whether we can maintain sufficient production of medicines to meet medical needs. Companies are struggling to keep production going in a situation where we may also need to scale up and convert production. The signals so far are that production is being maintained, but with increased and delayed deliveries. The maintenance of both national and international transport, but also staffing, is critical. Employees are kept at home at the slightest sign of a cold. The fact that the production of medicines, medical supplies and other medical and medical technology equipment is now included in MSB’s regulation on care for children with guardians in socially important activities(link to MSB) is a crucial prerequisite for maintaining production even if schools and preschools are forced to close their operations.

We can also consider whether there are other ways to pool our collective skills resources. Scania sends its staff to Getinge. What can we do to help each other? Feel free to share your thoughts on the SwedenBIO message board on LinkedIn.

At SwedenBIO we have anything but production stops. We are working at full speed to meet the urgent needs of the industry. With some tinkering and fixing, we also continue our proactive work unabashedly, convinced that our efforts are more important than ever to get a well-oiled and prosperous life science ecosystem up and running in the wake of the pandemic.

Slowly, we will all find ways to keep the processes going despite restrictions, we will adopt new behaviors that we will take into the post-crisis world as the new normal. And I too will discover that I have become part of a close-knit team and a great community!

Frida Lawenius
Vice President SwedenBIO