Ingrid Heath – Lead instructor for the course Strategy and Business Development for Life Science Leaders.

As a partner and advisor at Adlersson Heath, Ingrid supports life science companies in their strategic and practical efforts to increase company value and in their interactions with the capital market. With a background as Vice President and Policy Director at SwedenBIO and Editor-in-Chief of Läkemedelsvärlden and Life Science Sweden, Ingrid also has broad experience from media and advocacy work in life science. She shares all this in the course Strategy and business development for life science leaders. This year is the third time the course has been held and Ingrid gives her view on the strengths of the course.

What do you get in this course that you don’t get in other courses?
– This is a tailor-made course for life science leaders. Business development in life sciences is special, it is not enough to be good at understanding your end market or making a good product. Here, business development is as much about how you can gradually increase the value of your company to attract capital. During these days, our carefully selected speakers provide a framework for life science leaders to build their companies, and course participants gain access to leading expertise in the most strategically important areas for a life science company.

How is the course structured?
– We mix lectures with workshops and review strategic milestones in the company’s business development. During the workshop part, participants take on a couple of different cases and work together to build a business plan which is then reviewed by a group of investors. We also run some parts with parallel tracks for those working in drug development and those working in medical technology. The fact that the course is aimed at leaders across the life science sector provides many valuable perspectives, but in some areas there are so many differences that parallel tracks are required to go in depth.

Who should attend the course?
– So far, the course has been attended by experienced CEOs, future CEOs, research managers, finance managers, business developers, regional managers and product managers – all of whom have found the course valuable. If you are in a role where your decisions in one way or another affect the company’s strategy, this course is relevant because you will gain a better understanding of how all the different parts are connected and affect each other, both in the short and long term. It’s easy to be daunted by the complexity of running a life science company, this course is a way to fast-forward past many of the costly experiences of others. Previous participants have also indicated that many board members would benefit from the strategic overview provided by the course.

Previous participants about the course:
“A very good and broad course that covers everything from patents and registration to financing. The level of the lectures is high and the level of engagement is great! Great learning opportunity for all life science leaders and also a perfect forum to broaden your network.”

“Provides breadth and depth at the same time and the opportunity for interaction and exchange from course participants.”

“The course is a good opportunity to get an insight into the whole of an organization, e.g., a business. if you have been working in a more specialized way for many years and now have more responsibility for the whole. Then you can get a great understanding of how much goes into successful business development.”

“I’ve had a real change of heart. The opportunity to interact with course participants, lecturers and course management has been extremely valuable and the level of engagement has been unusually high.

I don’t think I’ve ever had so many contacts and perspectives in such a short time, and it triggers a lot of thoughts.”

The course is run by the Swedish Academy of Medicine and SwedenBIO in collaboration.

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