Input to the life sciences strategy

Work is in full swing to feed into the strategy now being developed by the Life Science Office. At the end of the summer, SwedenBIO conducted a small tour of the country with its members to hear their views on the strategy. Kerstin Falck, Head of Corporate Affairs at Pfizer and chair of SwedenBIO's Public Affairs working group, explains:

– SwedenBIO’s work takes place on several levels. It is partly about contributing with facts, impact assessments and proposals in the working groups etc. under the Life Science Office where SwedenBIO is included, but also to go broader than that. We have identified issues that are prioritized for SwedenBIO’s members and that are not captured in the “Roadmap Life Science” which is more about a strengthened ecosystem and business climate. Our aim is for the Life Science strategy to include these more clearly, while understanding the importance of prioritization.

– Several SwedenBIO members are currently writing their own contributions to Jenni Nordborg. We would like to collect and support them.

Want to contribute to the national life science strategy? Contact us at SwedenBIO!