Input to the research plug defends the fundamentals of research

Increase funding, remove micromanagement and increase visibility - these are SwedenBIO's main recommendations in the input to the recently submitted research bill.

SwedenBIO’s input to the government’s upcoming research proposal, where the instruction pointed out the keywords excellence, internationalization and innovation as important components, has focused on proposals aimed at strengthening these three parts of Swedish research. Our three main points are:

  • Increase overall funding for research and innovation
    In particular, in order to promote a competitive life science industry, the share of the total government research budget allocated to collaborative research and innovation must be increased.

  • Leave research and innovation directions free from micromanagement
    The most valuable discoveries and solutions cannot be ordered. We welcome broad directives to conduct research in partnership with industry, but detailed prescriptions should be avoided.

  • Increase the visibility of Swedish life science nationally and internationally.
    It is time to embrace life science as one of Sweden’s important basic industries while maintaining the high rate of development, dynamism and diversity that characterizes the industry.

We identify challenges in skills supply, access to funding from innovation support agencies, collaborative research and infrastructures and present our proposals for action.

“In this submission, we are not only defending the conditions for research in the life science companies that we represent. Given the world’s turbulence and the government’s tendency to cut funding for research and innovation in general, we chose to go deeper and defend the basic conditions for academic research”, comments Dr. Maja Neiman, Scientific Director at SwedenBIO.

SwedenBIO’s members, mainly through the R&D group, have been engaged in the issue and created the basis for this input that has now been submitted to the government, and the secretariat would therefore like to thank all engaged members.

The recording is available here.