A Swedish life science strategy – how will it meet health challenges and strengthen our competitiveness?

Under the new strategy, life sciences will continue to be an important export sector and a strong research area. This includes making better use of health data and developing more personalized medicines.  

Life science is one of Sweden’s most important industries and exports and a strong research area. In order for Sweden to maintain its prominent position, the government is now developing a new life science strategy with a focus on the utilization of health data, personalized medicines, and the future of healthcare and effective implementation of new solutions. Together with government coordinators and stakeholders in healthcare and life sciences, we invite you to a combined seminar and workshop. We begin with the background, objectives, content and work process for the new Swedish life science strategy. This is followed by a workshop on the different elements of the strategy to identify the activities required to implement the strategy. The discussions will focus on innovation in healthcare, internationalization and innovation infrastructure.