Almedalen – Panel discussion: Swedish life science in a competitive environment

In a global market where many industries in many countries are struggling to maintain their foothold, Sweden’s life science industry is doing well. Our innovation capacity in drug development exceeds the comparatively modest level of investment in the industry, we have a good track record of turning academic discoveries into commercial products that benefit patients, and pharmaceuticals are Sweden’s third largest export.

At the same time, development is rapid and competition for capital and skills, both domestic and international, is fierce. In addition, the life science ecosystem will have to deal with the EU’s much-discussed new pharmaceutical legislation. In its quest to improve access to medicines for European patients, the legislation risks – contrary to its purpose – hampering innovative companies, thereby both weakening European competitiveness globally and making it more difficult for European patients to access new medicines.

SwedenBIO invites you to a panel discussion focusing on the Swedish life science industry’s areas of strength, what conditions are required to strengthen Swedish innovation and competitiveness, and how we can and should relate to the EU’s new pharmaceutical legislation.

We welcome you to the panel:

  • Jessica Martinsson, CEO, SwedenBIO
  • Martin Bergö, Prorector, Karolinska Institutet
  • Pia Steensland, Director of Policy & Public Affairs, Pfizer
  • Lotta Liljelund, Director of Public Affairs, Novartis
  • Petter Hartman, CEO, Medicon Village Innovation

The moderator is Alexandra Hoegberg, Director of Communications & International Marketing, SwedenBIO.

The panel discussion will take place in the garden at Visborgsgatan 5 and is open to the public. No registration required – welcome!