AseBio Investor Day

AseBio Investor Day connects you with startups and industry leaders, providing a unique glimpse into the future of biotechnology in Spain.

Since its first edition (Barcelona, 2017), the event has attracted national and international investors, contributing to give visibility to the national biotechnology industry. AseBio Investor Day also fosters networking between investors from Spain and the rest of the world.

AseBio Investor Day includes a program of round tables where relevant topics on investment and finance will be addressed, one-to-one meetings and startup pitch presentations. There will also be socials where you can meet your peers and biotech entrepreneurs.

Meeting Spanish biotechnology is an opportunity to access new deal flow opportunities. Spain is the 9th largest originator of knowledge in biotechnology by number of papers. As of 2023 there were about 900 firms fully dedicated to biotechnology and 270 firms partially dedicated to biotechnology. In 2022 the sector attracted €142 million.

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