BIO-PUB with Awapatent

Most people in the life science world have at some point come into contact with the patent system in various contexts, but it can be difficult to grasp what it actually means in practice as the starting point is often very theoretical. At BIO-PUB, Awapatent's Niklas Mattsson will switch perspectives, telling patent battles and other true stories from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

You will hear about surprising verdicts, drastic consequences and large sums of money, as we leave the details of the law behind and share our own and others’ experiences in Sweden and abroad. Along the way you might pick up some patent law as well, but the focus of our presentation is on the stories behind it.

  • How did an Argentinian shipload of genetically modified soybean meal finally get through Dutch customs?
  • Who is really entitled to an invention that has been transferred several times to different companies?
  • How did Genentech obtain a US patent on basic antibody technology for 29 years?
  • What happened when a grandmother in Australia finally managed to overturn a patent for genetic diagnosis of the breast cancer she had survived?
  • Was Astra really wrong to try to protect Losec in the EU for as long as possible?

This BIO-PUB is primarily aimed at those who come into contact with patents as an academic, start-up entrepreneur or as an employee of a large company, and who are responsible for business intelligence, business development, strategies, etc.

Come to BIO-PUB, network and listen to different patent stories!