Biosimilars world 2016

Join Biosimilar Stakeholders to Overcome Industry Growth Challenges

The competitive biosimilars landscape is rapidly evolving and creating significant revenue opportunities for companies that can successfully develop and market them. However, lower priced biosimilars are not enough to guarantee commercial success and maximize uptake:

  • What steps need to be taken in order to successfully move the U.S biosimilars market forward: pricing strategies, physician engagement and patient education efforts?

  • What are the best strategies for minimizing the risks and failures of commercializing biosimilars?

  • Which business models should be built to sustain the growth and development of biosimilars?

  • What benefit design strategies are payers considering for coverage of biosimilars?

Biosimilars World 2016 invites top industry stakeholders to explore the commercialization and partnering strategies in gaining access to new and emerging markets, examine the current regulatory and legal landscape, and evaluate emerging business models and investment opportunities to accelerate biosimilar growth in the U.S. and across the globe.