Bubbel & Debatt 2016 in Lund

Sweden has several regions where research and development in life sciences is ongoing. What is the level of collaboration between academia, healthcare and business in YOUR region? How do local politicians act? What does the regional clinical trial centre do?

Sweden is investing nationally in life sciences. What is being done in Region Skåne?

When? October 5. The debate starts at 16:00, the mingle starts at 17:00.
Where? Medicon Village, Scheelevägen 2, Lund, Sweden

In the panel: Ulf Malmqvist, Head of Operations, Clinical Trials Skåne, Gavyn Edmunds, Research and Innovation Strategist, Region Skåne, Magnus Hansson, Chief Medical Officer, NeuroVive and moderator Birgitta Karpesjö, Apotekarsocieteten.



The Bubble and Debate tour started in Stockholm, and then went to Gothenburg. The next stop is Lund, followed by Umeå. More info to come.

PDF: Bubbles and debate October 5 – What is being done in Region Skåne?

PDF: Bubbles and debate April 26 – What is being done in Region Västra Götaland?

PDF: Bubbles and debate, March 9 – What’s happening in the Stockholm region?