County councils in value-creating innovation partnerships

Welcome to the Breakfast Club at Paues Åberg Communications on March 13, in co-organization with SwedenBIO, on the theme of life science.

Robert Winroth, Innovation County Councilor in Västerbotten, talks about the successful work of implementing “innovation in partnership” to streamline healthcare and create measurable values for all parties. Together with VLL Innovation AB and the Leading Health Care Foundation, it presents both obstacles and possible solutions in such processes.

Can Västerbotten’s way of working with value-creating innovation in partnership become a new golden standard?

We also welcome Jenni Nordborg, head of the government’s new life science office, who will explain how they are starting up the work and how it affects, among other things, innovation implementation.

Helena Strigård, Policy Manager at SwedenBIO, represents the industry and provides input to the new secretariat.

The seminar will be moderated by Maria Prigorowsky, Manager at Paues Åberg with long experience of advocacy work in healthcare, life science and research issues.

The breakfast club takes place at Paues Åberg Communications, Karlavägen 58, 2 tr, Tuesday, March 13 at 8.30-9.30. Breakfast is served from 10 am. 8.00.

Paues Åberg Communications is a communications agency specialized in Corporate Communications and Public Affairs. Through the Breakfast Club, we share our knowledge with old friends and new acquaintances alike.

A warm welcome!