Drug Development – 3 day course

Drug development projects are often initiated by identifying treatment for a disease. The project usually contains a deep knowledge of the disease and the biological mechanism. However, in order to develop a drug for the disease, a broad knowledge of many different areas is required.

This three-day course provides insights into all the parts that should be addressed to effectively target a drug project. This course is available as a traditional and as an online course. Traditional participant also have the opportunity to add lectures online.

Who should attend?

The course is aimed for those involved in drug development (eg in small and medium-sized companies), and needs a comprehensive picture of the complex development chain. During the course you will get insight into how to work in the different stages of development, what to think about and what pitfalls there are on the road. To get the most exchange of the course, it is an advantage to have a natural science background. This course’s main focus is on small molecules.


All lecturers have experience from drug development and most have worked with or in small drug development companies.

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