Funding opportunities in life sciences after the pandemic

How do life science business leaders think the coronavirus pandemic has affected their growth opportunities? What are investors' views on the future of the industry? Has the focus of public innovation funding changed?

Welcome to a webinar on the growth and financing opportunities for the life science industry in the wake of the pandemic. During the webinar, Martina Banyay and Åsa Angel Voss from One in 200 will share the results of a survey that interviewed 25 business leaders in the life sciences sector. We will hear how companies’ business opportunities have been affected by the current pandemic and their views on the challenges and opportunities of the future.

This will be followed by a panel discussion where Lars Hammarström from Vinnova, Johan Christenson from Healthcap and Jonas Söderström from Biostock will give us their views on the development of the industry and the future of financing.

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