Hesa-Fredrik AW at Haymarket

Welcome to Life Science Stockholm's new watering hole!

Every quarter when Hesa Fredrik calls*, we want you to turn off your computer, finish the experiment and sign that deviation report. Because it’s time to head to Life Science Stockholm’s new watering hole. You will have the opportunity to make new contacts, exchange ideas and untie knots.

We at SwedenBIO, in cooperation with our members, want to create the conditions and rake the ground for you, but only you can ensure that it will be as fantastic as we dream.

Welcome to this year’s second Hesa-Fredrik AW at Haymarket** on June 3 from 10 am. 16.30.

* Hesa Fredrik = The sound signal for important public announcements tested at 15.00 on the first Monday of September, December, March and June.
** Haymarket hotel at Hötorget, Stockholm. Don’t forget your wallet because you’ll have to pay the bill yourself.

The ball is rolling. See you there!