How do we strengthen Sweden as a life science nation?

Sweden is a strong life science country. But we can do even better. For several years, policymakers have identified the life sciences sector as an industry of the future. We want more research, more clinical trials, more manufacturing, and more cooperation between universities, companies and healthcare providers.

The previous government initiated Clinical Studies Sweden and a comprehensive research and innovation bill. The current government appointed a life science coordinator in 2015 and decided at the beginning of the year to establish a permanent life science office within the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation. A growing number of European countries are now seeking to strengthen their position in life sciences and have developed national strategies. To succeed in the future, we need to offer even more competitive conditions in the competition for new investments. What are Sweden’s trump cards? Which areas and reforms will be key in the coming years?

  • Jenni Nordborg, Head of the Swedish National Life Science Office
  • Lars Hjälmered, Member of Parliament, Moderate Party
  • Jennie Nilsson, Member of Parliament, Social Democrats

Time: Monday 2 July, 10.30 – 11.30 a.m.
Location: Hälsodalen, S:t Hans Café, S:t Hansplan 2.
Organized by: LIF, SwedenBIO and Swedish Medtech.

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