How to develop and communicate a strategic research and innovation agenda

Welcome to Paues Åberg's breakfast club on SIP.

Over the past decade, strategic innovation programs have played a central role in financing research and development in Sweden. As the responsible authorities prepare the next generation of innovation programs, Impact Innovation, there is an opportunity for different industries to review their strategic work.

A strategic innovation program is based on a strategic research and innovation agenda. Despite its importance, the document rarely receives much attention. We want to change that by sharing our experiences and lessons learned from contributing to the development of an agenda.

In spring 2022, the Swedish mining and minerals industry and the metal extraction industry published a new, joint strategic research and innovation agenda. Jenny Greberg, Program Director for Swedish Mining Innovation, and Katarina Nilsson, R&I Director at Svemin, led the work with the support of Paues Åberg.

What evidence is needed to develop an agenda? How should the work be planned and what methods should be used to ensure both coordination and efficient production? How can the research and innovation agenda be used and how can the communicative dimensions be incorporated as early as possible in the process? These and many other questions will be answered during our breakfast seminar.

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