How to make life science companies even more attractive to investors

Listed life science companies were under pressure in 2020. Many companies in the sector went public and already listed companies raised large amounts of capital. The increased willingness to invest in the sector has increased the influx of more investors, which places new demands on companies' disclosures.

The life sciences sector is unique and not comparable to other sectors. In particular, the risk level is affected by the uncertainty surrounding the companies’ clinical development programs. To facilitate investors’ decisions and the valuation of companies, SwedenBIO, together with the marketplaces Nasdaq and Spotlight, has recently developed a uniform standard for disclosure.

Will the trend of increased investment in life sciences continue? Will life science companies go public later or earlier in the future? How can life science companies attract new investors and retain existing ones through improved communication and disclosure? This and much more will be discussed with our expert panel of an analyst and former fund manager, a financial advisor, a London-based venture capitalist and a company representative involved in the development of the new standard.

Welcome to the Paues Åberg Digital Breakfast Club, organized together with SwedenBIO. The breakfast club is based on the new industry standard for life science companies in the development phase and their disclosure of information when raising capital.

Participants in the panel:
– Mattias Häggblom, Sector Head Healthcare, Equity research, Handelsbanken Capital Markets.
– Benjamin Nordin, Partner and Sector Head Life Science, Corporate Finance, ABG Sundal Collier
– Marek Poszepczynski, Investment Manager, SV Health Investors
– Christina Herder, Chair of SwedenBIO’s Business Development and Finance Working Group. Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Medivir.

Jonas Rodny, Director and Head of Financial Communication, Paues Åberg Communications

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