IHE Forum 2016 – Disruptive Innovations

Innovations are part of healthcare, with the most groundbreaking ones being called disruptive innovations. They replace existing systems, organizational structures, processes, mindsets and products. Examples of disruptive innovations include gastric ulcer drugs and keyhole surgery.

This year’s IHE Forum will discuss disruptive innovations in more detail and highlight current examples. We will look at how they affect patients as well as county councils and hospitals through their clinical, economic and organizational consequences.

The challenges of the health system are growing exponentially while its resources are limited. Could disruptive innovation be one of the solutions? Can these innovations revolutionize the design of health care and contribute to more efficient, less costly and more equitable health care?

The IHE Forum 2016 will also address how collaboration between research, healthcare and industry is affected by disruptive innovations and how reimbursement systems can be designed to promote them. Finally, it debates how we can facilitate disruptive innovations in healthcare and what society gains from it.

The program includes

– Ingrid Bengtsson-Rijavec, Health Director, Region Skåne
– Richard Bergström, Director General, EFPIA
– Agneta Karlsson, State Secretary, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.
– Anders Lönnberg, Government Coordinator for Life Science

The IHE Forum takes place again this year at the Grand Hotel in central Lund.

The conference will be moderated by science journalist Lisa Kirsebom.