Life Science Bridge – Bridging the Gap

We are pleased to present the first life science event organized together by the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in San Diego, San Francisco/Silicon Valley and New England - the top three life science clusters in the U.S. Since Life Science Bridge's mission is to promote trade between our clusters and Sweden, we can now proudly announce our first event together Bridging the Gap - with the purpose to inspire, educate and connect people in the life science scene.

With Sweden and the U.S. being at the top of the life science industry, we aim to build bridges between these nations to promote a healthy and innovative world. Bridging the Gap will be held 7-8th of April on Zoom. Day 1 is free of charge and the topics will be focused on The life science ecosystem in the U.S., Swedish Life Science and Expanding to the U .S. Speakers will attend from the U.S. and Sweden.

A virtual trade delegation will be held during day 2, where you will have the opportunity to network across borders. One ticket for day 2 costs $50, and you will get to network with 2-3 company representatives of your choice.

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