Lunch & Learn: The role of the board in start-ups

In early start-up phases, the role of the company's board will be different from that of established companies. The board will necessarily be more operational and thus an important source of expertise for the company.

It is important for you as a management representative in the start-up company that the composition of the board reflects the current needs and that you can use its expertise in a way that creates value in the company.

This and more will be discussed by Karin Wingstrand and Artur Aira from ISEA. Karin and Artur have extensive knowledge from executive positions in the global pharmaceutical and medical device industry and extensive experience from board work, in both startups and established companies.

Karin Wingstrand
Karin Wingstrand has broad and senior experience from the pharmaceutical industry, including from the position of Global Head of Clinical Development at AstraZeneca. Karin also comes with a long-standing involvement in a company of “Angel Investments” in start-up innovation companies. She is now engaged as a Senior Advisor and on the boards of several life science companies.

Artur Aira
Artur Aira has more than 20 years of commercial experience from executive positions in international life science companies such as Addtech /Addlife, bioMèrieux and Organon.
Furthermore, Artur has extensive knowledge of board work from 30 different board assignments from startups to larger listed companies. Today Artur is engaged as a Senior Advisor in ISEA and as a board member in several Life Science companies.