Lunch seminar for core facilities: EATRIS

Welcome to a core facility meeting where we will learn more about EATRIS and also have the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with other core facilities.

Since fall 2015, a Swedish node within EATRIS (European Advanced Translational Research InfraStructure) is being established in Sweden. The Swedish Research Council supports Sweden’s participation and is responsible for Sweden’s membership in EATRIS, which enables the universities’ researchers to join EATRIS free of charge and the assignments obtained then provide full cost coverage for the core facility. Uppsala University is the first university to participate in the collaboration, with resources in Imaging & tracing, biomarkers and small molecules joining EATRIS as facilities in 2016.
During the seminar, Ulrika Bäckman, Sweden’s EATRIS coordinator, will tell us more about EATRIS, how they work, what opportunities are available for both core facilities and specialized technologies. Since the Swedish node is under construction, you have the opportunity to influence, especially if it is something that your university should get involved in. From a Swedish perspective, it is a way to highlight areas where we are scientifically strong and, of course, promote collaboration.
In brief, EATRIS aims to:
  • Enable better use of existing infrastructure in academia and make it available to academics, SMEs and major pharmaceutical companies (national/international).
  • Promote knowledge exchange and encourage cooperation between academia and industry in Europe.
  • Open up existing academic infrastructure in Europe and make it available to all those involved in translational research.
  • Enable more efficient ways of translating basic research discoveries into new medicines/products.
  • Engage leading academic research centers to support the development of new drugs/products.
  • Leveraging EATRIS as a single coordinator of multiple centers in Europe
  • Allocate project requests to EATRIS and match them to the research resources that have signed up