Medeon Life Science Network

The future in 3 dimensions! This time you will meet 3 different representatives who contribute to the development of Medeon. Now and in the future.

Andris Underdal Designer & Developer and co-founder of CRC Nordic. They help companies visualize and develop their ideas. He will talk about their innovation projects and how they can help everyone from start-ups to more established companies.

Reza Kazemi He has extensive experience in 3D printing and was among the first to bring the technology to Sweden. What does 3D technology mean ? How will it develop and affect production in the future…?

André Johansson Emergency nurse and one of the co-owners of Medeon’s incubator company Tonttu. He will tell you about their exciting idea
The Triage Handbook
– a new generation digital decision support tool for primary triage. It gives practitioners the knowledge and confidence to assess and refer a wide range of patients to the right place at the right time. Earlier this year, Tonttu won the SEK 50,000 Vitalis prize awarded at the Swedish Fair in Gothenburg.