Registers in clinical research – a valuable resource

QRC Stockholm's popular course on how quality registers and other national registers can be used in clinical research is given once every fall semester. Registration is now open for this year's course, which will take place in person on November 15-16.


Review of available national registers, how they can and may be used, different possible project arrangements with different partners. The course also includes exercises with practical hands-on advice for planning a register study.

  • National quality registers
  • SCB’s register
  • Register of the National Board of Health and Welfare
  • Metadata tools for planning registry research
  • Legal possibilities for register research
  • Quality assurance of register data
  • Research on merged data from different registers
  • Randomized registry studies
  • Patient engagement and research on patient-reported measures
  • Register research in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry
  • Exercises with practical hands-on advice for planning a registry study

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